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Vetalogica Tranquil Formula Tablets for Cats

Vetalogica Tranquil Formula Tablets for Cats


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Cat Health & Wellness
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Your cat may want you to think that they’re a smooth operator, but deep down they can be quite sensitive creatures.

Specially formulated with all-natural Aussie ingredients, Vetalogica Feline Tranquil Formula for Cats is a tasty and convenient chew that contains a rich balance of tryptophan and B-group vitamins to help keep your cat calm and relaxed.

  • Chewable tablet made from all-natural, grain-free and highly nutritious ingredients
  • All ingredients are sourced in Australia
  • Designed to promote calmness in cats of all ages and breeds
  • Assists with biting, scratching, grooming, meowing, travelling, destructive behaviour, stress and anxiety